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Business listings  are critically important in today's competitive market. Whether you are looking for local, regional, national or international business  listings, you will find them all at Faust Information. We offer a host of business listings on CD that will help you to communicate with businesses spread worldwide.

Business ListingsBusiness listings provide the small business person with access to millions business  listings for use in direct marketing campaigns. These company listings are intended for use by entrepreneurs  with little or no experience in direct mail, but who wish to build a prospect list and initiate basic outreach.

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Business databases are basically a compilation of similar businesses that facilitates trade  and open up wider choices for a prospective customer. With our CD-ROM you now have exhaustive business listings at your fingertips! These b2b lists are particularly useful for expanding businesses in the global context!

These business listings  allow the user to breeze through millions of residential and business listings to find the specific address and phone number they need in seconds, virtually eliminating the need for costly 411  or 555-1212 calls. Business listings data that are found on our user  friendly CD-ROM have been compiled with great effort!  The data gathered in these business listings include complete name and  address; name of contact person; email address; year established; number of employees; telephone and fax numbers, bank reference.

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